A poached egg with black pepper flakes
Hack The Intimidating Process Of Poaching Eggs With Your Microwave
To mimic the way that boiling water cooks a poached egg, replace your pot with a mug and make your poached eggs in the microwave.
While the microwave won't yield the same results as stove-top poaching, you'll still get a runny yolk, set whites, and a ball shape. Plus, it will only take about a minute.
It's best to try one egg at a time with this method and to use fresh eggs since they typically have thicker whites that will heat more evenly in the microwave.
To start, all you need to do is heat water in a thick mug in the microwave, though not enough to boil it. Then you'll want to crack your egg into the mug.
Next, pierce the egg with a toothpick all the way through to the yolk. This will prevent everything from exploding in the microwave.
Add a splash of vinegar to prevent the egg from falling apart during the cooking process and cover your cup with a microwave-safe sauce or plastic wrap. Nuke it for 30 seconds.
If the whites aren't fully cooked after that, keep heating it in 10-second intervals. Once they are set, carefully remove your egg from the mug and dig in.