Loaf of gateau invisible
Gâteau Invisible Is The French Cake That Conceals Apple Slices In Every Bite
Gâteau invisible aux pommes, or invisible apple cake, may look like it doesn't contain apples at all. In reality, the apples are sliced so thinly that they almost disappear.
This French dessert has a texture similar to a custardy bread pudding or layered crepes, rather than a fluffy cake. The ratio of apples to the custard base is very high.
To make the cake, apples are cut on a mandoline into slices between 1/8th and 1/16th inch thick. The batter consists of eggs, milk, and just a bit of flour to give it structure.
The most painstaking part of gâteau invisible is neatly layering the apple slices in the rectangular, loaf-shaped pan, followed by a diligent pouring of batter.
The final moist and fruity cake can be topped off with a bit of slivered almonds, caramel sauce, or even ice cream. You can also flavor it with vanilla or spices like pumpkin spice.