Grilled donut s'more sandwiches
Grill Leftover Glazed Donuts To Get A Sweet And Crunchy Treat
A glazed donut can go from fluffy and fresh to stale and chewy in a few hours. Rather than settling for lackluster leftovers, try grilling your donuts to bring them back to life.
By grilling your donuts, you'll have a treat full of sweet, sugary goodness with a uniquely crunchy exterior. The glaze will caramelize while the dough itself gets nice and warm.
Cut each donut in half before grilling. Place the halves on the barbecue over medium heat, cut side down, so that the sugary coating doesn't burn.
The donuts only need a couple of minutes to char, and you don't even need to flip them. Once the sugar looks clear, meaning it's thoroughly heated, take the halves off the grill.
You can enjoy your crisp, hot donuts plain or top them with fruit, jam, chocolate, caramel, cinnamon, whipped cream, or nuts. They also make amazing ice cream sandwiches.