Green ice tea with ice cubes, lime, and mint leaves in the glass with palm leaves on gray stone background
Green Tea May Not Be The Ideal Beverage For Hydration
Green tea is a drink renowned for its health benefits, but it's not wise to always choose it over water. This tea isn’t great for hydration because it can have a diuretic effect.
The caffeine in green tea has a diuretic effect that increases blood flow to kidneys, prompting more trips to the bathroom. You can mitigate this by drinking tea in moderation.
Green tea is unlikely to have a serious dehydrating effect on you, unless you're consuming it in large quantities. There are also similar drinks that aren't the best for hydration.
Coffee, other caffeinated teas (including black, oolong, and white tea), and some herbal teas like dandelion, hibiscus, and yerba mate can all have a diuretic effect on you.
Pay attention to how many caffeine beverages you consume. Beyond a lack of hydration, too much can cause issues such as irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations, and dizziness.