Pouring sauce from small gravy boat onto salad in bowl
Grated Olive Is The Unanticipated Ingredient For Richer Salad Dressing
Homemade dressings are already far superior to store-bought versions, but if your dressing needs a little extra oomph, try reaching for a jar of olives.
Olives offer a unique twist thanks to their meaty brininess, which can perfectly balance an acidic vinaigrette and elevate its other flavors.
Along with adding a briny depth to your dressing, their texture will add a pleasant level of creaminess, thickening the dressing and helping it cling to your salad.
Take your preferred olives and grate them, ideally with a microplane or other flat, stainless steel grater, until they turn into a flavorful paste.
Once grated down to a pulp, simply beat them into your dressing with a whisk or add it in a jar with the rest of your ingredients and give it a shake.
While olives make a great addition to Italian or Greek vinaigrette and Caesar and ranch dressing, they're not ideal for sweeter dressings which can clash with the olives' brine.