Three bowls of soup with bread
Grab A Handful Of Cashews For Thick, Creamy Soup Without The Dairy
For those of us with dairy-free diets, it can be challenging to create a creamy, comforting soup without milk or cream. Before you give up on your soup recipe, try using cashews.
Thanks to their high fat content, cashews can lend a creamy density to any dish, and because of their dry texture, they won’t water down your recipe.
It’s best to use raw, unsalted nuts, which won’t alter the flavor of your recipe. However, if you only have salted, toasted cashews on hand, be sure to alter your seasoning ratios.
Before incorporating your cashews, soak them overnight to soften them. If you forget this step or are pressed for time, you can quickly soak them in hot water on the day of.
Then, simply blend the cashews and incorporate them into your recipe for an unctuous bulk and velvety consistency without any overpowering flavor.