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Gordon Ramsay's Trick For Perfect Fried Eggs
Fried eggs aren't just the perfect addition to the traditional breakfast pancakes, bacon, and sausage, but they also make an excellent topping for huevos rancheros pizza, baked potatoes, quinoa salads, and cheeseburgers. Cooking fried eggs is quick and easy, and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has the perfect trick and shares it on TikTok.
In the video, Ramsay drizzles oil into a heated non-stick skillet, gently cracks two fresh eggs into the pan, and then sprinkles salt and pepper over each egg. He then places pats of butter around the sides while cooking the eggs, moving the pan around for the frothy butter to move to the top before finally removing the eggs and placing them atop his favorite dish.
Butter not only gives the eggs a creamy finish, but its fat content adds a unique flavor to eggs; however, both butter and eggs contain saturated fats. The National Dietary Guidelines clearly state that a healthy person can consume one egg per day without increasing cholesterol or risk for heart disease, so it is best to keep everything in moderation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.