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Gordon Ramsay's Top Tip For Perfectly Seasoned Burgers
Gordon Ramsay offers many different burgers at his restaurants, but his secret to preparing the perfect burger isn't about extravagant toppings or even expensive ingredients. His technique for success is all about thorough seasoning of the patty, and how and when he applies the seasoning.
Ramsay suggests rolling all sides of your burger patties in your seasoning mixture the day before cooking, then refrigerating them so the meat stays firm. He believes more seasoning should be added right before grilling, again while the burger is cooking, and then applied to the bun before assembly.
Ramsay also brushes the patties with butter while they cook, and tells ABC that "If you want to become even more chef-y, make it a red wine butter, a chipotle butter". If you're stumped about flavorful add-ins and toppings, he recommends garlic powder, grilled onions, and mayo mixed with Sriracha or mustard.