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Gordon Ramsay's Simple Tip To Prevent Overcooking Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs are simple, but the debates surrounding them are very complicated. Countless cooks have different (and sometimes contradictory) opinions on how to make "perfect" scrambled eggs, but celeb chef Gordon Ramsay's tip to keep the eggs from overcooking is fairly easy, compared to some other methods.
Some celeb chefs focus on technique to make “perfect” scrambled eggs, such as Emeril Lagasse, who insists on thoroughly whisking the egg mixture. Meanwhile, Ramsay swears by a secret ingredient instead of a special technique, and always adds a spoonful of crème fraiche right before his scrambled eggs are finished cooking.
Ramsay explains that this creamy dairy product cools the eggs down, and prevents residual heat from continuing to cook the eggs after they're removed from the pan. Sour cream, butter, or heavy cream can be used instead, but crème fraiche is the best ingredient to prevent overcooking while adding a rich texture and flavor.