Gordon Ramsay posing for a photo
Gordon Ramsay's Searing Tip For The Most Delicious Tomato Soup
In a video, Gordon Ramsay revealed that he achieves his delicious tomato soup by searing the tomatoes on the stovetop with red onions, garlic, and olive oil.
When you roast tomatoes, along with the garlic and red onions, the sugars become more intense, creating a truly rich tomato flavor that is going to create a memorable final taste.
Choose fresh, ripe tomatoes for the sweetest flavors. Be sure not to overcrowd the pan, as exposing the flesh is what helps achieve that signature char.
To get the tomatoes just right, it will take about 25 minutes in the oven, only to be pulled back out and placed on the stovetop to finish making the soup.
Start the roasting process in a cast iron or stainless steel pan to simplify the transition from stovetop to oven. This will also help produce the best flavors.