Bowl of tomato soup topped with greens
Gordon Ramsay's Roasted Creamy Tomato Soup Includes A Unique Kick
There are many ways to level up a plain bowl of tomato soup. For a kick of flavor without changing the taste too much, try the ingredient Gordon Ramsay uses in his soup.
Ramsay uses a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to add just a touch of heat to classic tomato soup, noting that the pinch of spice is "not as fierce as chili."
On the Scoville heat scale, cayenne pepper clocks in at between 30,000–50,000 units, which is relatively mild. It adds a pop of heat without overwhelming your tongue.
To ensure the spice isn’t overpowering, Ramsay also adds a bit of sugar to "intensify" the sweetness of the tomatoes, plus a little balsamic vinegar for "dark rich acidity."
While Ramsay’s from-scratch tomato soup recipe is a little labor intensive, you can use the flavors as inspiration to doctor up a can of tomato soup if you’re in a time pinch.