Gordon Ramsay in a kitchen
Gordon Ramsay’s Bacon, Sweetcorn, Potato Soup Has Affordable Ingredients
When it comes to making a knockout meal on a dime, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is always down for the challenge, and his flavorful soup is no exception.
Ramsay's soup recipe calls for chicken broth, smoked bacon, creamed corn, sweetcorn, yellow potatoes, onions, and bay leaves, which can all be found for around $15.
The potatoes add starchy thickness. As Ramsay notes in a YouTube video, “It's incredible how far you can stretch something out especially when you bulk it with potatoes.”
The soup is sturdy enough to hold up well in the fridge and can be reheated in the future. It can also be paired with roasted asparagus or homemade crusty bread.