Chef Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Adds Bacon To Thanksgiving Turkey For The Juiciest Results
To ensure his Thanksgiving turkey stays moist, Gordon Ramsay pre-cooks it in the oven and adds six slices of fatty bacon to the thickest part of the breast before cooking the rest.
According to Ramsay, the bacon buffers the meat from direct heat, which prevents it from drying out. As a bonus, the rendered fat will mix with the turkey drippings.
The method works due to the uneven way turkey cooks. The breast should be roasted at a lower temperature, but because of the shape of the bird, it cooks faster than the dark meat.
By shielding the breast, the bacon prevents it from overcooking. Plus, by first cooking the bird at a high temperature, the skin browns, ensuring you don’t lose out on flavor.
Ramsay's other tricks for juicy, tender turkey include stuffing herb butter under the turkey skin and roasting it with onions in the cavity, which will steam from the inside.