A bowl of coleslaw
Going For Homemade Coleslaw Over Store-Bought Is Well Worth The Flavor Difference
Buying pre-made coleslaw from the grocery store is convenient, but making it at home isn't much more difficult to do, and returns far better results.
Store-bought coleslaw lacks character, and is often bland and too mayo-heavy. Homemade coleslaw gives you more control over the flavor and will always taste fresher.
Choosing fresh produce for your coleslaw will already improve the taste, but you can also salt the cabbage and let it drain for a few minutes for an even bigger crunch.
If you're not a big mayo fan, you can make a vinegar-based coleslaw seasoned with salt, honey, or sugar. You're not likely to find this type of coleslaw in stores.
Meanwhile, you can enhance a mayo-based coleslaw with added crunch from nuts or apples. Sour cream, cheese, mustard, and hot sauce can also add depth of flavor.