An earthenware bowl full of baked beans and some green garlics on a rustic wooden table
Gochujang Will Take Your Baked Beans To An Entirely New Dimension Of Sweet And Spicy
Full of fiber and protein, baked beans are delightfully hearty, but using the same recipe over and over can be boring. To make the dish more exciting, try adding gochujang.
Tasting Table recipe developer Erin Johnson uses gochujang, a Korean red chili paste, in her baked bean recipe to add spice, earthiness, umami, and sweetness.
Gochujang can make the beans moderately hot to very spicy, so tread with caution if you're sensitive to heat. A smaller amount adds depth of flavor without overwhelming the dish.
The flavor of gochujang is so dynamic that you only need one teaspoon of it in one pot of baked beans. Tasting Table's recipe uses a slow cooker to make the beans even easier.
Once the beans are done slow cooking, season with salt and enjoy alone or as a side dish. If you really love spice, add crushed red pepper to the beans in addition to gochujang.