Sun-dried tomatoes in a jar
Goat Cheese Lends Perfect Tanginess To The Umami In Sun-Dried Tomatoes
The uniquely gamey, tangy palate of goat cheese usually pairs well with honey or candied nuts. Still, its combination with sun-dried tomatoes makes the ultimate umami flavor bomb.
The umami-rich sun-dried tomatoes' flavor stands up to the equally rich and tangy goat cheese. Plus, sun-dried tomatoes make a nice chewy contrast to goat cheese's creaminess.
Sun-dried tomatoes come both dried and oil-packed, supplying different flavors and textures that work well with an even more diverse array of goat cheese flavors and textures.
They both often come marinated with herbs and spices, adding to their complexity as a pairing. They're also prepared and ready to eat, making them easy additions to most recipes.
Enjoy their flavorful combo by stuffing sun-dried tomato halves with herb-marinated goat cheese or incorporating them into other recipes, like sauces for pasta or ravioli stuffing.