Serving Detroit style pizza hot from the oven with melted cheese and tomato sauce
Go Beyond Only The Crust And Taste The Possibilities Of Stuffed Pizza
A variation on Chicago-style deep dish, stuffed pizza features a second layer of crust that separates the cheese filling from the sauce. It's essentially a sauce-topped pot pie.
The extra layer of insulation from the second crust means that a stuffed pizza's cheese is even more melty and molten than deep dish style.
Stuffed pizza came about in the 1970s when two Chicago pizzeria's Nancy's and Giordano's started serving it. It was directly inspired by the Italian dish scarciedda, a meat pie.
The fillings for stuffed pizza don't differ much from a deep dish pie, but they always need to be hearty and flavorful to stand up to all that cheese.
The classic meat is crumbled sausage, sometimes paired with peppers and onions, which is layered on top of the cheese before the pizza is baked.