Stack of tofu slices
Give Your Tofu A Crispy Overhaul With A Waffle Iron
Whether you're a vegan or just trying out meatless Mondays, frying tofu in a waffle iron is a great way to give the meat alternative a crispy upgrade.
Start with firm or extra-firm tofu. Drain and cut it into slices as thick as you want your waffle to be but thin enough to close the waffle iron properly.
Season your tofu and pop it in the waffle iron to cook. For extra crispy tofu waffles, dry the tofu and try dredging it in cornstarch before cooking.
If you only have soft tofu, you can achieve a similar dish by mixing it with eggs and seasonings before adding it to the waffle iron.
Once finished, you can serve the tofu waffles with whatever toppings you please, use them as bread slices, or try topping them with sauce and cheese for a protein-rich pizza.