a margarita with lime and mint in a copper mug
Give Your Margaritas A Refreshing Kick With One Ingredient
Margaritas are a simple cocktail made with tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur. If you want to add refreshing vibes to the drink, all you need is a sprig of mint.
Mint and lime are already a great pairing, so the sweet flavor of a margarita gets an added layer of complexity from the cooling herb. The alcohol and acid bring out the sweetness.
To add mint to the cocktail, start by shaking one or two sprigs with the rest of the ingredients. The mint should be muddled in the mixer, which releases the oil in the leaves.
Shake the drink normally and then strain out the spent mint sprig when you pour. Finally, add another fresh sprig as a garnish, which offers an extra minty aroma.