Ginger drink with the addition of citrus, honey and anise
Give Your Cocktails A Spicy Twist With Ginger Simple Syrup
Despite its unassuming appearance, ginger root bursts with warm, spicy, and subtly citrusy flavors. Its intricate taste and aroma can elevate almost any cocktail.
However, ginger can be hard to work with, with a tough and fibery texture. Using it to make a simple syrup harnesses its powerful flavor without having to peel and grate it.
To make ginger-flavored simple syrup, boil equal parts sugar and water until the sugar dissolves. Add sliced ginger and steep the syrup for 20 minutes off the heat.
From there, all you need to do is strain the syrup and add it to your cocktail. You'll have a long-lasting source of sweet ginger flavor that incorporates smoothly into drinks.
Ginger syrup mixed with soda water can replace the ginger beer in vodka tonics, Dark and Stormys, and Moscow mules. Use it in Old Fashioneds or French 75s for a warmer take.
You can further customize your syrup to enhance its sweetness or spiciness. Make a ginger-honey syrup for fall drinks, or add hot peppers to the syrup for a spicy ginger margarita.