Row of croissants
Give S'mores A Buttery Upgrade Using Croissants
Chocolatey, gooey, and delicious, s’mores are already close to a perfect treat, but if you want a buttery, flaky element, try swapping croissants for graham crackers.
Croissant s’mores have a richer taste and softer texture. Plus, croissants are significantly bigger than graham crackers, so there’s more treat to enjoy.
Start by toasting your marshmallows (you may need two to fill the croissant), then stuff the melted marshmallows into the croissant along with the chocolate.
If you prefer a warm croissant, pop the treat in the microwave for ten seconds, or warm it up in the oven for eight to ten minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
Of course, your creativity doesn’t have to stop there. You can swap your chocolate for candy bars or peanut butter cups, add caramel sauce or Nutella, or even top with fruit.