Mini cheesecakes topped with fresh berries
Give Mini Cheesecakes A Denser Bite By Utilizing Cookies For The Base
By using whole cookies instead of biscuit crumbs to make the base of your mini-cheesecakes, you'll be rewarded with a denser bite that takes little effort.
A traditional Graham cracker crust can be crumbly and messy if the ratio of cracker to butter is off. Whole cookies form a thick, solid base that's less likely to crumble.
It's also much easier to place a single cookie in a muffin case than to execute the fiddly operation of preparing a series of bases that require extra time to chill and set.
Use vanilla wafers for a neutral base, or an Oreo if you're a chocolate lover. If you have a mishmash of different leftover cookies, feel free to use an assortment.