Bowl of mashed potatoes topped with butter and chives
Give Mashed Potatoes An Umami Punch With Cream Of Mushroom Soup
Although mashed potatoes are a simple, reliable dish, sometimes they deserve an upgrade, which can easily be achieved by incorporating cream of mushroom soup.
The creamy, buttery taste of mashed potatoes is the perfect complement to the earthy, umami-rich flavor of cream of mushroom soup. Together, they make a rich and flavorful dish.
Moreover, the cream of mushroom soup enhances the creamy consistency of mashed potatoes, adding a silky smoothness to the rich, soft starchiness.
Pair the two by using the cream of mushroom soup as you would gravy, serving them side by side, or using the soup as a replacement for milk when mashing the potatoes.
Using soup as a milk substitute will result in a more intense flavor infusion. Just be sure to pay attention to your ratios as you mix to ensure that the texture isn't affected.