Pouring milk into tall glass of iced coffee
Give Fall Flavor To Your Iced Coffee Without Any Pumpkin In Sight
The iconic coffee flavor of the fall season is undoubtedly pumpkin spice, but if you want to switch things up for your autumnal drinks, apple is a great alternative.
The sugars in apples' flavor bring out the woodsy notes of certain coffee, cutting through the bitterness and providing sweeter, more complex notes.
A good option for your brew is espresso, since it gives the most intense flavor to pair with the sweet apple. If you don't have an espresso machine, try a strong, dark roast.
Use stovetop coffee from a Moka Pot, or a dark roast in a French press or drip machine. For the apple flavor, you can mix apple syrup with unsweetened apple juice.
If you can’t find apple syrup, make an apple juice reduction with brown sugar. Once your coffee is at room temp, mix in the apple juice and some extra sweetener if you like.
Start with a tablespoon or so of apple flavoring and add more from there. Finish by pouring your apple-infused coffee over ice for a flavorful fall drink with no pumpkin needed.