Slice of chocolate cake with white frosting and a cherry on a blue plate
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Give Boxed Cake Mix A Fruity Twist With Fresh Juice
A cake made from a boxed mix can feel rather ho-hum, which is why many home cooks add extra ingredients for a boost in flavor and texture. Chocolate chips or nuts make great easy additions, but to add more flavor and freshness to the cake batter itself, consider using a fruit juice that suits the flavor of your dessert.
Adding fruit juice to your cake mix is super simple, but there are a few caveats to keep in mind. Popular cake mix brand Duncan Hines cautions against using canned juices, which usually contain methyl silicone, an ingredient that can inhibit the cake's ability to rise, so fresh juice from a bottle (or even squeezed yourself) is best.
Secondly, don't add both water and juice to the cake mix, since the juice can actually replace the water in an equal measurement. If you're swapping fruit juice for milk, use the same amount of juice, but since milk also contains fat, you should add a teaspoon of olive, canola, or coconut oil to make and create a rich and moist batter.
With these tips in mind, the possibilities are endless. A splash of orange juice and some orange zest could enhance a carrot cake or pineapple cake mix, cherry juice could add a fun twist to a chocolate cake mix, and strawberry juice heightens the flavor of a strawberry cake mix, which can be lacking in fresh fruit flavor on its own.