Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with Peas and Carrots Served In a Bowl
Ginger Is The Secret Ingredient To Hand Chicken Noodle Soup A Spicy Kick
Chicken noodle soup is a delicious comfort food that you can spice up by adding ginger. This simple addition will boost the soup's flavors with a sharp kick of heat.
Grate a knob of fresh ginger into the soup to add an intense flavor. For more convenience, you can sprinkle bottled ground ginger into the pot, but the taste won't be as vibrant.
As a spice used for centuries in traditional medicine, ginger can also help to alleviate cold symptoms, relieve nausea, and serve as an anti-inflammatory ingredient.
To go with the ginger flavor, you can add herbs like parsley or thyme for freshness, grated lemon zest to add an acidic twist, or veggies to bulk up the soup's texture.