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Giada De Laurentiis Uses Mashed Potatoes In This Classic Italian Treat
Mashed potatoes are usually a hit with guests‌ because of their rich flavor and thick, creamy texture. Mashed potatoes are more than just a delectable side dish for Italian-American chef and television personality Giada De Laurentiis; they are also a hidden ingredient that may combine salty and sweet flavors.
You probably encountered zeppoles if you've ever visited a street fair or an Italian neighborhood in a city. Zeppoles, which are like fried dough and funnel cake, are essentially a variation on a doughnut originating in southern Italy and often topped in powdered sugar with a warm, crispy surface.
De Laurentiis advises using a cup of mashed potatoes together with the standard doughnut ingredients of milk, sugar, butter, and flour to make your own, which is then fried in vegetable oil. Although mashed potatoes and Italian pastries may seem incompatible, her zeppoles are absolutely worth trying.