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Giada De Laurentiis Uses A Cheesy Leftover To Level Up Red Sauce
Giada De Laurentiis’ tasty pomodoro sauce recipe uses canned cherry tomatoes for sweetness and thickness, but the real secret ingredient is a leftover parmesan rind.
Parmesan rinds in tomato sauce is a simple yet effective way to add a deeply savory and cheesy flavor. De Laurentiis adds a substantial half pound of rinds to her sauce.
She simmers the rinds with basil, tomatoes, and more, resulting in a sauce with nuttiness, a light sweetness, and a rich umami taste that balances the acidity of the sauce.
Using parmesan rinds also helps to cut down on waste. Once you've used all your parmesan cheese, save the rinds in the fridge or freezer in airtight packaging.
If you have a large rind, chop it into pieces, then drop them into your red sauce at the start of cooking. Even a half hour of simmering with the rind will enhance the flavor.