A large plate of macaroni salad
German Pasta Salad Is Unique Thanks To One Salty Ingredient
German pasta salad, known as Nudelsalat in Germany, has a mayo-based dressing, crunchy pickles, canned peas and carrots, and German bologna, or fleischwurst.
Fleischwurst is a packaged lunch meat in Germany seasoned with garlic and spices. It adds a salty-umami flavor and heartiness to Nudesalat.
There are numerous variations of Nudesalat. Many add sour cream or greek yogurt to the dressing, while some upgrade it by adding dried herbs like dill and parsley.
While fleischwurst is a defining characteristic of German pasta salad, newer recipes substitute it for Italian mortadella, frankfurter sausages, bacon, or sliced deli ham.