(GERMANY OUT) Eisbecher, Eiskaffee (Photo by Vision Photos/ullstein bild via Getty Images)
German Iced Coffee Is The Sweet And Creamy Version Of Your Favorite Drink
In Germany, the go-to summer drink for coffee lovers is eiskaffee, made with coffee, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream served up in a large glass with a spoon and straw.
Unlike affogato, an Italian combo of coffee and ice cream, eiskaffee uses chilled regular coffee instead of espresso. A bold roast for a stronger coffee flavor is traditional.
The most popular method of brewing coffee for eiskaffee is simply referred to as kaffee or filterkaffee. It's a brewing method that uses a filter, similar to drip coffee.
To make this drink, prepare whipped cream with a bit of sugar. Add a large scoop of ice cream to a glass, pour the chilled coffee on top, and top with the whipped cream.
Eiskaffee is perfect for experimentation. Try different toppings atop the whipped cream, such as small cookies, shaved chocolate, fresh or maraschino cherries, or mint.
You can also mix other ingredients directly into the coffee. Evaporated milk adds a sweeter note, while a dark, unsweetened cocoa powder adds a bitter, robust chocolate flavor.