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Gently Pickle Your Potatoes For Tangy Salt And Vinegar French Fries
To level up your homemade french fries, lightly pickle your potatoes before cooking for tangy salt and vinegar fries. You can achieve the craveable fries in a few easy steps.
First, boil pickle brine with your preferred seasonings, like salt, garlic powder, or dill, for a more concentrated flavor.
The type of pickle brine you use affects the flavor of the fries. Use dill pickle brine for a classic flavor, bread and butter for sweetness, or spicy pickles for some heat.
After cutting potatoes to the appropriate thickness, marinate them in the brine for 30 minutes for quick pickling. However, for maximum flavor, let your potatoes sit overnight.
Before baking, frying, or air frying, pat your potatoes dry to ensure crispiness. Finish them with extra seasoning or sprinkle on vinegar powder.
For extra tang, use a spray bottle to add malt vinegar or extra pickle juice. While ketchup is fine, salt and vinegar fries are perfect with creamy garlic aioli or chipotle mayo.