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Gatorade Vs Powerade: Is There A Nutritional Difference?
Gatorade and Powerade are two of the most popular sports drink brands, and with their neon colors, creatively-named flavors, and high electrolyte content, you'd be forgiven for thinking these products are basically the same drinks bottled by different companies. However, there are minute nutritional differences between these two "ades."
Gatorade is sweetened with dextrose, while Powerade contains high fructose corn syrup, which can result in a sweeter taste; however, the amount of added sugars in each brand of drink are essentially neck-and-neck. Gatorade also contains slightly more calories and sodium, while Powerade boasts more micronutrients than its competitor.
While Gatorade and Powerade both provide hydration and electrolytes, and choosing one or the other comes down to flavor preference, both drinks have high sugar contents that aren't great for constant consumption. If you feel like treating yourself after a workout, neither of these drinks will let you down, but try not to make it a habit.