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Gata: The Buttery Armenian Cake That Pairs Perfectly With Coffee
What is Gata?
Gata is an Armenian sweet bread that varies by region from large loaves, golden in color with a cakey texture to small, hand-held pastries with a flakey, croissant-like texture. What all gata cakes have in common is a khoriz filling – a crumbly mixture of flour, butter, yogurt, and sugar, sometimes with a bit of cognac, rum,
or walnuts.
History of Gata
Gata is intertwined with the fabric, culture, and history of Armenians. Today the bread is served on Christian holidays and although its history is tied to the spread of Christianity, there is evidence to suggest that the bread began long before Christendom. Evidence suggests it was originally embossed with deities and used as ritual bread sacrificed to the gods.
How to Make Gata
While it’s a known fact that the best gata is made at the Monastery of Geghard, the sweet bread is fairly easy to make at home. It relies on staple ingredients like flour, butter, yogurt, a leavening agent, and, of course, khoriz made with flour, sugar, butter, and optional cognac, rum, or walnuts. While your gata is baking, make some fresh coffee to serve alongside.