Bucatini pasta with smoked salmon filet and creamy spinach
Garlic Butter Makes For A Simple Yet Delicious Pasta Sauce
A garlic butter sauce for pasta is easy to make and incredibly delicious. It starts with slowly melted butter and minced garlic that is sauteed until golden.
You can add a little seasoning for taste and a little reserved pasta water. Despite the simplicity, it's important to keep some things in mind, like using unsalted butter.
Unsalted butter allows you to control how much sodium you add to your sauce. It's also important to melt your butter on low to medium heat to help ensure you don't burn it.
Avoid adding the fresh garlic until the butter has liquified. Pay close attention to the time because the garlic will only take a few minutes to soften and turn gold.
You can add some other ingredients, such as lemon juice, for extra flavor. As for the best pasta to use, any pasta in your pantry will go great with the sauce.