A two tiered galaxy cake with fondant embellishments
Galaxy Cakes Are The Out-Of-This-World Dessert Your Next Dinner Party Should Have
If you want an out-of-this-world cake, you need to try making your own galaxy-type glaze. A galaxy cake can be any flavor or shape, since it's all about the mirror glaze on top.
When done right, the multicolored mirror glaze resembles a view of outer space. Popular online since 2016, galaxy cakes are still show-stoppers that you can pull off yourself.
You'll need to bake a sturdy cake that is thinly frosted in buttercream or a smooth mousse, then thoroughly chilled before the warm mirror glaze is poured on top.
Most mirror glazes are a blend of gelatin, melted chocolate, and corn syrup, but may include sugar or sweetened condensed milk. For a galaxy glaze, you need white chocolate.
Blend together the glaze ingredients until smooth, then divide it into several bowls. Color a larger bowl dark blue with food dye, then dye the others according to your preference.
Pour the blue glaze over the cake, then drizzle and swirl the other colors over top and add stars using plain white glaze and a brush. Let it set for at least 2 ½ hours to finish.