Jar of chunky peanut butter with spoon
Fuse Mashed Potatoes And Peanut Butter For An Unconventional Sweet Treat
Peanut butter stars in unexpected flavor combos like PB and pickles, but the most interesting may be mashed potatoes plus peanut butter, creating a treat called potato candy.
Potato candy, or peanut butter pinwheels, is thought to have come from Germany, and was popularized in the U.S. during the lean times of the Great Depression.
While the original recipe for potato candy used just potatoes and sugar, Americans incorporated peanut butter to add a bit more decadence to the treat, without expensive sugar.
Spuds in your sweets may sound odd, but their flavor fades into the background, and they mostly supply a pleasingly soft texture to this pretty-looking dessert.
The candy is made with Russet potatoes, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. After mashing your potatoes, slowly beat in the vanilla extract and powdered sugar.
You can add milk or butter for extra richness. Spread your potato mixture onto a surface dusted with powdered sugar, sprinkle on more sugar, and spread your peanut butter on top.
Carefully roll the sheet of potatoes into a log, chill the roll, slice, and serve. Try experimenting with crunchy peanut butter or other spreads like Nutella and cookie butter.