A bowl of tuna, red onion, corn, and pasta
Fuse Canned Corn And Tuna For Sweet And Savory Flavors In Pasta Salad
For a quick and easy meal, add tuna and corn to a basic pasta salad. The sweet and savory flavors, along with contrasting flaky and crunchy textures, make for a delightful dish.
Canned tuna provides lots of protein and is faster compared to meats like chicken, since you just have to open the can. Canned corn is also high in protein and vitamin C.
These ingredients save time when you need a home-cooked dinner that's filling and satisfying. Any pasta, like fusilli, farfalle, rotelle, or elbows, pairs well with the combo.
Cook the pasta al dente to prevent mushiness when you mix it with your dressing and other ingredients. If cold pasta salad isn't your preference, opt for a hot pasta dish.
Avocado, celery, and bell peppers add even more substance and a fresh flavor to go with the rich tuna. For a twist, replace canned tuna with grilled fresh tuna.
Fresh tuna pasta salad is even better with some heat. Combine the canned corn with bell peppers, fresh jalapeños, cayenne pepper, or some chipotle mayo before tossing the salad.