Milk in a pan
Fry Expired Milk To Hand It New Life
If you have milk that has expired by a couple of days past the use-by date, don't pour it down the drain. Instead, transform it into a sweet treat by frying it.
Combine your milk with cornstarch and sugar and cook it over low heat until it forms a dense, creamy custard-like texture. Let the mixture sit in the fridge until it's solid.
Then slice it, bread it with panko breadcrumbs, and fry it until it is golden on the outside and warm and delicious on the inside. Its appearance may remind you of fried tofu.
To really make it your own, add a little citrusy zest to the mix, or opt for a little cinnamon for a morning cinnamon and toast vibe. You can also make a chocolate or caramel dip.