Fried eggs in cast iron skillet
Fry Eggs In Mayo For An Even More Flavorful Breakfast Sandwich
Frying eggs in butter produces rich flavors, while olive oil gives you crisp edges, so frying eggs in mayonnaise essentially delivers the best of both worlds.
Mayonnaise is made from eggs, oil, and mustard and gives fried eggs slightly crunchy, golden-brown edges with a deliciously creamy flavor, resulting in a truly elevated meal.
You also get a slight tangy flavor with mayo. For a richer final product, try kewpie mayo, which omits egg whites and only includes the yolks to pack in even more umami flavor.
First, squeeze some mayo into a hot pan, wait until it melts, and spread it around the pan. When the base layer has loosened up a bit, crack an egg in its center and fry as usual.