Carrot smoothie in glass jars with a bamboo straws on a light background
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Frozen Carrots Are The Best Kept Secret To Sweeter Smoothies
Adding carrots to your drinks may sound a little gross, but the natural sweetness of carrots allows them to blend very well with other sweet ingredients, as anyone who enjoys carrot cake can tell you. Frozen carrots make for delicious smoothies that are more accessible for those who dislike the idea of adding kale or similar veggies.
Carrots have more sugar than other veggies, which makes them an ideal companion to fruits and sweet ingredients like yogurt that you like to add to your smoothies. Even with their natural sugars, carrots are low on the glycemic index scale and won't spike your blood sugar, while still adding sweetness and extra nutritional benefits.
Frozen carrots in particular are the best product to keep your smoothie cold and creamy, and they have virtually all the vitamins and nutrients found in fresh carrots. Carrots pair well with bananas, mangos, oranges, pineapple, apples, and strawberries, so let your imagination run wild while spinning up your naturally sweet smoothie.