Fried chicken pieces on a wire rack
Fried Chicken Played A Crucial Role In The History Of Gordonsville, Virginia
Gordonsville, Virginia a small town approximately 20 miles northeast of Charlottesville, Virginia, proudly claims the title of the fried chicken capital of the world.
Embedded in a rich history, the town was a strategic stop on the Virginia Central Railroad during the late 19th century and early 20th century.
Local African-American women, previously enslaved, sold homemade fried chicken to rail passengers in a bid for financial stability. They were called waiter carriers.
The era of chicken waiter carriers ended in the 1920s or 30s due to advances in trains and government restrictions, but Gordonsville's community still celebrates its heritage.
Gordonsville's lively October chicken festival, held at the Fire Department's fairgrounds, includes a highly anticipated fried chicken cook-off.
The festival also has a 5K race, a wine garden, a pie-eating contest, crafts, live shows, and family-friendly activities that make for a vibrant and friendly experience.