Freshly squeezed orange juice, a juicer juicing oranges, and oranges
Fresh Juice Is The Crucial Ingredient For Flavorful And Bright Orange Sorbet
If you want to make a knockout orange sorbet that’s bursting with zest and fruity flavor, skip the store-bought orange juice and freshly squeeze some oranges yourself.
The aromatic compounds in fresh oranges are volatile, and they get lost when the juice is squeezed in advance and then sits in a supermarket fridge for days.
Fresh juice has the best fragrance and enhances our perception of flavor. It also has a more varied and vibrant taste compared to one-dimensional processed juice.
Choose oranges with thick, vividly colorful, bruise-free rinds. Each orange should feel firm and heavy for its size, as this indicates a juicier interior.
Try to buy sweet and juicy oranges like Cara Cara, Valencias, or Taroccos. The sweetest and most succulent oranges will also be the most aromatic.
To yield as much juice as possible, heat each orange briefly in the microwave or a bowl of warm water, then roll it back and forth on a counter while applying gentle pressure.
Finally, pop the oranges in your juicer or squeeze them. Sorbet is a simple dessert that can't disguise subpar ingredients, so go for fresh fruit and you won't be disappointed.