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French Vs. American Scrambled Eggs: What's The Difference?
Eggs are a beloved staple, and scrambling is one of the quickest and easiest ways to prepare this breakfast classic. However, you may think there's only one way to make scrambled eggs — that way being the way you make it, of course — but there are two different ways to prepare this dish: French-style and American-style.
French scrambled eggs are defined by their rich, luscious flavor and soft, runny texture, a result cooking the eggs slowly over low heat, though liberal use of butter is also a contributing factor in many recipes. The eggs must be stirred very frequently during cooking in order to form small, creamy, golden-yellow curds.
Meanwhile, American-style scrambled eggs have a fluffier, dryer texture; they are cooked over higher heat, and the eggs typically start to set in about a minute, making American-style eggs much quicker to cook. If you only ever make scrambled eggs one way, try cooking in the style you haven't tried and see how you like it.