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French Toast Shots Are The Genius Way To Drink The Brunch Treat
Drink your favorite cinnamon-sugary bread recipe any time of the day with a French toast shot — a quick gulp made from butterscotch schnapps, fireball, and Irish cream.
Simply pour the ingredients into a shaker with ice and strain into shot glasses. Once you know the basic recipe, you can adjust it to suit your palate and your guests' preferences.
Serve the drink with rims of cinnamon sugar garnish, and for an extra sweet touch, line each shot glass with liquid syrup before twisting them in the cinnamon and sugar mixture.
Top with a dot of cream, or use ginger or cloves as a garnish for a touch of warmth. For more sweetness, line the inside of glasses with drizzles of maple syrup.
To amplify the drink's toasty flavor profile, use a microplane to zest some buttery toast onto the rim of each glass. Top it off with chocolate shavings and a sprinkle of salt.