Cake with chocolate frosting on a white stand next to a plate with a slice
French Buttercream Frosting Is The Less Sweet Choice For Richer Desserts
French buttercream is less sweet than American and Russian buttercreams. Its rich, custard-like flavor and dense texture make it a great cake-filler, decorative icing, and more.
Macarons are one treat often filled with French buttercream, because the thick, decadent filling that's not too sugary goes well with the crisp, chewy, sweet cookie shells.
Brandy, bourbon, or rum can be mixed with the multiple egg yolks that go into this frosting, while vanilla can add an earthy complexity to the flavor.
Making this style of buttercream requires careful attention. All the ingredients except the butter are cooked until the concoction turns into a smooth, thick syrup.
The syrup is whipped to a foamy consistency, to which cold butter is slowly added until stiff peaks form. The velvety spread can be enhanced with chocolate, spices, or nuts.
French buttercream is delicious in countless baked goods, but if you want a snow-white frosting, keep in mind that the egg yolks will tint this buttercream slightly yellow.