Three pieces of meat in paper wrapping
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Freezer Paper Is The Foolproof Way To Protect Your Foods Long-Term
If you typically use parchment paper, aluminum foil, and silicone baking sheets for kitchen clean-up and storage, then you need to try the underrated game-changer, freezer paper.
Freezer paper has a special coating, a type of plastic called polyethylene, to lock in moisture and protect food from freezer burn, making it the ultimate storage tool.
Polyethylene forms a barrier around the food, and the other side of the paper is plain and uncoated, perfect for writing on to label the contents of the wrapper.
Freezer paper has many other uses, from wrapping cheese and sandwiches for transport to acting as a work surface for crafts, or even creating designs for iron-on appliques.
You may find freezer paper at stores like Walmart or Target, but your best bet is look online or at restaurant supply stores, where it costs around $6 for a 100-square-foot roll.