A breakfast sandwich on a plate
Forget The Microwave And Heat Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches In The Air Fryer
To achieve a warm breakfast sandwich in under 10 minutes, skip the microwave and cook your frozen breakfast sandwich in an air fryer.
Air fryers blow hot air around all sides of your food, which is perfect for achieving those crispy edges. It heats the food evenly without leaving cold, soggy spots.
For the best results, separate the layers of your sandwich. This crucial step allows each layer to crisp up individually, and for the cheese to melt.
Start by heating the bread and meat, then add the cheese towards the end to prevent burning. If separating the cheese is tricky, leave it but don't let it touch the fryer basket.
Cook the deconstructed sandwich for about 8 minutes at 400 degrees F, adding the cheese at the last three minutes. You'll be left with crispy, melty goodness.