Egg salad on toasted sourdough bread on a white plate
Forget Mayo And Utilize Cottage Cheese In Your Egg Salad
Mayonnaise is the traditional dressing for egg salad, helping to bind the ingredients and adding creaminess, but cottage cheese is a protein-packed, great-tasting alternative.
Cottage cheese is lower in calories and saturated fat than mayo, and still provides a creamy texture. It's full of calcium and vitamin B12, and makes your egg salad more filling.
The cheese's slightly tart flavor pairs great with hard-boiled eggs and other ingredients like veggies, bacon, and herbs. We recommend 1 cup of cottage cheese for every four eggs.
Mix the cheese with the chopped boiled eggs, and then mix any other ingredients you like in your egg salad. It’s best to use full-fat cottage cheese for the creamiest results.
For more even protein, you can add additional egg whites or high-protein ingredients like beans, nuts, seeds, or quinoa. Enjoy your salad as a sandwich, wrap, or just on its own.