Whiskey sour cocktail with a cherry and orange garnish
For Vibrant Whiskey Sours, Swap Lemon Juice With Fresh-Squeezed Orange
While the vast majority of whiskey sours rely solely on lemon juice, you can give them a lighter and sweeter touch by swapping the lemon juice for orange juice.
Not only does this impact the flavor, but the mouthfeel, too. The cocktail will have a softer character, which can be matched with a flavorful whiskey.
For a sweeter version, use a bourbon base and a greater proportion of orange juice. If making this version, tone down the sugar syrup to compensate for the sweeter orange flavor.
Alternatively, you can imbue a slight orange character by utilizing two-part lemon to one-part orange juice. This version is better aligned with a bolder whiskey, like rye.
If craving an even deeper orange flavor, you can craft a syrup with the orange and also include the rind, for a powerful full-fruit flavor.
For finishing touches, you can rim the glass with malty brown sugar, top the egg white foam with orange bitters, and garnish with a dried orange slice or grated orange zest.