Slices of beef brisket on a cutting board with a knife
For The Juiciest Brisket Start Utilizing Tallow
Tallow, sometimes referred to as liquid gold, is the fat that renders off of beef while cooking. Using tallow when smoking brisket will help give you the juiciest meat.
Retaining some fat for your brisket is beneficial for rich and juicy results. To utilize tallow, remove your brisket from the smoker when only two hours of cooking remain.
Place the tallow directly on a fresh piece of butcher paper or aluminum foil, then set the brisket on top, bark side up. Wrap the brisket tightly and place it back on the smoker.
When it’s done, allow it to rest for one to two hours. Once the brisket is sufficiently settled, pour some additional melted tallow on top of the brisket just before slicing.